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Secret Stats and Fun Facts

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Numbers Uncovered in the Land of Big Fun

While you’re cheering on your favorite horse, up $100 in blackjack, screaming your way down a slide or enjoying a beer tasting, have you ever wondered how fast a thoroughbred can run, how many decks of cards are purchased, how far that drop is or how many gallons of beer fans drink in a year? Take a look at the numbers and peek behind the scenes in RiverSouth!


Canterbury Park

A day at the races can be a lot of fun for fans, but it takes a small community to put on each and every race day. Canterbury Park has over 1,550 horses stabled on its grounds right now! Throughout the summer more than 2,000 horses will visit Canterbury Park to train and race. Canterbury’s backside and stable area is its own little village, complete with a kitchen, chapel, horse swimming pool—that’s right, a swimming pool just for horses—and more. The backside has 240 dorms housing workers who spend the summer employed in the stables. During the 2015 race meet, the track will host over 650 races with more than $12 million in purse money up for grabs.

Once the horses hit the racetrack, they run approximately 36 to 39 miles per hour. That’s pretty good for a 1,100-pound animal carrying a jockey with an average weight of 112 pounds! Of course, the fastest horse in the bunch usually finds its way to the winner’s circle. Did you know that the largest payout for a $2 win wager in the history of Canterbury happened on July 2, 2015? Fans lucky enough to have a $2 win bet on the horse Congregation at odds of 79.5 to 1 cashed for $161—now that’s really fun with numbers!


Mystic Lake

When you hop on a shuttle at Mystic Lake or Little Six Casino, you’ve got a “green” light! Nearly 19,000 gallons of waste vegetable oil are generated each year by Mystic Lake’s seven restaurants and the Little Six Restaurant. The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community converts this oil into as much as 17,900 gallons of clean-burning biodiesel fuel for use in casino shuttle buses and other vehicles. Any remaining oil is used to heat the SMSC Public Works Building in the colder months.

You might have a few decks of cards around the house — but did you know that Mystic Lake and Little Six casinos combined go through 576,000 decks of cards in a year? That’s nearly 30 MILLION cards! In order to ensure the integrity of the game and to keep it honest and fair for all players, only brand new decks of cards are used in the blackjack pits. New decks are opened live in front of everyone at the table. Once a deck has been used, it’s drilled with a hole so that it cannot be used again for casino play. Eventually some of these used decks make their way to the Mystic Lake and Little Six gift shops to be sold as souvenirs.



Ride. Slide. Repeat. The upper Midwest’s largest amusement park has given more than half a billion rides since opening its gates in 1976. Xtreme Swing, which made its debut in 2006, will give ride number five million before the end of the 2015 season!

H2OMG! As the tallest twin/side-by-side water slides in the United States, the new Breakers Plunge water slides stand 90 feet tall and drop riders virtually straight down at speeds upward of 40 miles per hour! If catching a wave is more your style, make a splash in the Breakers Bay wave pool— occupying 34,000 square feet at the newly expanded Soak City Waterpark.


Renaissance Festival

Did you know that Minnesota is home to the largest renaissance festival in the United States? It’s true! At the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, there are more than 500 entertainers performing in the streets and on 16 stages, 250 artisans selling their wares, eight mermaids and an annual attendance of 4,000 dogs.

Every year Renaissance Festival fans bring their appetites—and their thirst—in anticipation of the legendary array of food and drink options. In just one year the festival went through 107,750 gallons of soda, 92,000 turkey legs, 54,528 bread bowls, 38,500 pickles and 16,480 gallons of beer!


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