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Our thousands of employees are the heart of RiverSouth—we couldn’t do what we do without them. Here’s an inside look at a few of the more unusual jobs in the Land of Big Fun.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival King
John Behr has been a part of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for the majority of his life, and he has played many characters leading up to today. Behr started as a hawker in Witch Wood, joined the Royal Court for two years, became Prince for two decades, and then transitioned into the King.

Behr is celebrating his tenth year as King and his days are full—from greeting guests in the morning to saying his goodbyes in the evening. Throughout the day he makes stops, appearances and interactions at scheduled special events like the Feast of Fantasy. The role of King doesn’t end at the Festival—he also enjoys his work with charities and appearances on the Children’s Hospital in-house television show.

Learn more about other royally fun jobs at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

Canterbury Park Farrier
Farriers serve a critical role in the care of equine athletes—they help keep horse’s feet healthy! Six highly-skilled farriers care for the thoroughbred and quarter horses at Canterbury Park.

Horse’s feet are like our fingernails. Farriers care for the hooves of the horses by watching for signs of disease or other ill-health. Using the same skills as a blacksmith, they maintain horse’s feet by trimming and cleaning hooves and fitting horseshoes.

Trot on over to see available jobs at Canterbury Park.










Valleyfair Guessing Game

Inquiring about someone’s weight or age (especially in the workplace) can be risky business. Unless your job is the age, weight and birth month guesser at Valleyfair, one of more than 1,600 seasonal positions available this summer at the upper Midwest’s largest amusement park.

To excel at the Guessing Game, you’ll need to have a quick wit and be comfortable engaging perfect strangers in conversations about some very sensitive and personal information. Guessers must be correct within two years of age, three pounds or two months of birth month. When you spend enough time sizing people up, you can get really good at guessing by looking for certain features and body structures. Valleyfair games associates make it even more fun by competing internally for the longest streak of correct guesses.

You don’t need to guess what jobs are available now—visit Valleyfair’s online employment page for details.

Mystic Lake Chefs

Mystic Lake is open 24/7 365 days a year, and with seven restaurants that means they’re serving up a truly astounding amount of food! In the past year, Mystic Lake has served over 3,000 gallons of their famous chicken wild rice soup, over 200,000 pounds of crab legs in their award-winning buffet and more than 10,000 made-to-order filets in the Mystic Steakhouse. It takes a lot of preparation and dedication to satisfy all those hungry guests, and Mystic Lake is looking for talented chefs and cooks to join their culinary team! Positions are available for all restaurants and a variety of shifts. Apply online now for a rewarding job with amazing benefits.

Prefer to apply in person, or looking for a job in another field? Visit the Mystic Lake Job Fair Tuesday, August 23 from noon to 6 p.m. at the Dakota Development Complex. Full-time and part-time career opportunities are available now in restaurants, hotel, janitorial, gaming operations and more. They’ll be conducting walk-in interviews, and hiring decisions will be made immediately for many positions!

Check out the available jobs at Mystic Lake.


RiverSouth is more than just an amazing place to visit—it’s a wonderful place to work!

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